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#LFW: a twitter tale

28 Feb

While I’ve been acquainting myself with the inside of a not-so-glamorous gym to get fashionably trim, over the last week real fashionistas have been busying themselves with a little thing called London Fashion Week.

The LFW Daily Newspaper, 23rd Feb

I’d love to have been one of them, documenting the goings on from the catwalks’ front rows, but unfortunately my bloggersphere influence has not quite reached the level where glossy show invites are dropping through my letterbox (one day!). Never fear though, thanks to the medium of Twitter we can all now share in the highs and lows of the ‘gruelling’ five days that will define my A/W 2011 cravings.  Any fashion bod worth the Louboutins on their feet is sharing their daily fashion lives with their avid followers, 140 characters at time.

In case you aren’t as much of a stalker/wannabe as me, my best twitter bits of #lfw 2011—straight from the mouths/hands of bloggers and fashion editors et al—are below. I hope you enjoy.

The start


  • The exhibition is open, the shows have started… www.londonfashionweek.co.uk has all you need, it’s hot!
  • #LFW is the top Twitter trend in London! What a start!


  • Ere we go #LFW

The transport


  • Love people’s expressions when they see the Orla Kiely Citreon car… Zipping over to Topshop now… Yes, I ‘zip’ in this car, not speed
(You can see pics of Susie’s ride, on her blog: http://bit.ly/flwuRl. She can also be seen below (left), taking time out from the shows to give a masterclass on blogging from the front row to newbies like me at Topshop, Oxford Circus)

Topshop Fashion Blogging Masterclass


  • Win your very own Range Rover for the weekend, just like our #lfw one – RT this pic by 6pm to enter! http://yfrog.com/h02asogj


  • Pulling up in my @LFWMercedes to Margaret Howell. Let the day begin! #LFW


  • When will I ever learn…public transportation and fashion week don’t mix.


  • If I don’t survive this, remember me as the girl who rode her bike to fashion week. In her Erdem dress.

The outfits


  • I think my outfit must be fashion week-worthy because I’m bloody freezing.
  • Too far away to snap, but there’s a dog wearing a mulberry bag.


  • Loving Hilary Alexander’s fur hat! Raccoon tail and all. The women IS style!



  • #LFW Hmmm – major error! Today was not a day for heels… Sliding here there and everywhere


  • On the way to the Mulberry show. Covered in white cat fur as usual! Not glam!

The nutrition


  • Team Glamour enjoying a cheeky vino en route to matthew williamson


  • We just overheard that the official champagne of #lfw is Tesco Finest. Can this be true!?

    Only (Tesco's) finest for fashionistas


  • Wish i could survive on the fash wk diet of malboro lights and coffee…but I’m hungry goddamnit so eating a ham/cheese baguette and crisps



  • Favourite #LFW interviews so far..erin o’connor who told me she was off to macdonalds…

The shows and front rows


  • Loved @houseofholland show it was a mix of tweed, pearls and bright crochet… very granny on acid #LFW


  • Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung, Yasmin Le Bon front row at Matthew Williamson.


  • A look at Topshop Unique…101 Dalmations hit the runway! LOVE! @topshop_tweets http://ow.ly/403jx


  • Anna wintour, philip green, mario testino, alexa chung, kate bosworth all spotted arriving @Burberry #LFW #livestreaming
  • London Fashion Week: Charlie Le Mindu’s gruesome AW11 catwalk and backstage bloodbath http://wp.me/pABIA-1sj


  • EVERYONE has turned out for Erdem – Sam Cam, Alexa and Janice Dickinson (who was applying hairspray front row at Chris Kane!)
  • #lfw red is the colour of AW 11 it seems. It popped up at Erdem too http://twitpic.com/428ulz

The parties (and their aftermath)


  • Kate Moss wore @StellaMcCartney to Number 10 last night. See the look -and all the rest from last night’s parties- here: http://bit.ly/hQMMTB


  • Sitting waiting for Daks to start, feeling a tiny bit fragile after last night’s Vivienne Westwood party. #lfw


  • #LFW LOVE Alex Wang party beating Mulberry and Westwood – Beth Ditto performing now! Katie Grand knows how to throw a party
  • #LFW what a way to start the day… with a hangover from the Mulberry party

The trials and tribulations


  • @StellaMagazine if you still need painkillers at jaeger then I have fast acting anadin x
  • So tired can barely think straight , and eyes keep closing, but must get blogs done for today for me & MB [Mercedes Benz]

    Staple LFW handbag item



  • Seriously, if just one show could start on time I’d be so happy #lfw


  • Argh all the models come out at the same time at meadham no time to make notes!!! #lfw
  • London traffic during the shows arrrggghhhh #lfw

The end


  • On to the next one…#LFW ending #MFW starting…


  • There’d be some great jobs in fashion up for grabs if this Milan flight went down. Half the industry aboard incl Ms Wintour in full mink…

The Credits (in order of appearance)

With thanks to the following twitterers: 



A moment (or three) of weakness

15 Nov

I seem to be making a habit of leaving it far too long between blog posts, which makes me a very bad blogger indeed – sorry! I do have an excuse prepared though: I’m blaming Stieg Larsson. Since my chair entry, I’ve spent a remarkable amount of time sitting in said chair glued to the Swedish author’s millennium trilogy. I’m only managing to write this now as I’ve got to the end of book two and don’t have book three instantly available to me. In fact, I’m almost too scared to buy it, as once I get into a crime thriller as good as Larsson’s it takes over my life until I reach the end (picture me reading until 1.30 am in the morning, nearly missing tube stops etc and you’ll be on the right track) and once I’ve rattled through The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest then that’s it—there’s no more. Sad times.

Addictive book one of the millenium series

Book two - led to many late nights!

Book three - not to be read if I'm going to keep this blog going!

Unfortunately, now the apologies are out the way, I’ve got more sins to confess. After nearly a month of controlling my consumer cravings, I’m afraid I cracked. I’m going to bring into play the “essentials” disclaimer I mentioned in my first post i.e. there are some things you just have to buy. And, that can be extended to new jeans, nail varnish, and an eyeliner, right?? Hmm, this might take some justification.

  • First up, the jeans. My workplace is pretty casual, so jeans are an everyday staple for me. As such, my old faithful H&M dark blue skinny pair have definitely had some use (see photo evidence ).

    Unusual rippage - new pair required!

  • I admit it is a rather peculiar place for jeans to wear out—I’m not sure if this is an indication of unusually fat knees or a rather weird walk—but we won’t dwell on that. When you combine unsightly fraying on an essential item with a pretty stressful week at work, you’ll understand that a visit to Topshop for some retail therapy is a must. Obviously, nature then took its course and I found myself £40 poorer, one pair of Indigo Baxter jeans richer, and a very happy lady. If you too are after some new skinnies, I would definitely recommend this style—they aren’t made of that awful, unflattering stretch material, and yet seem to have kept their shape after a week of non-stop wear (they’ve made it into the wash this weekend, don’t worry).

    New jeans - an essential surely?

  • As an aside, in a bid to further justify my purchase I thought I’d go through all my old pairs of jeans and get rid of any I no longer wear. In doing so, I came across one major error of a purchase. I seem to have in my possession an unworn pair of dark blue skinny jeans (noticing a pattern yet?) from Uniqlo in a size six . Now bearing in mind I haven’t been that size since my early teens,  I was clearly having a moment of madness (or hadn’t eaten for a week) when I bought them last year. As I don’t really like being reminded of the fact I’m not a size six, I wondered if any of you reading this who are lucky enough to be that teeny, would like to take them off my hands for free? Just comment below or send me an email.
  • Now on to my reasoning behind the beauty goods. I don’t know about you, but I always find buying presents for my friends a lot trickier than buying things for myself. In fact Christmas shopping usually results in me buying one gift for a family/friend, and one gift for me (naughty, I know). Recently, my way around this is to pick something I would like myself and then accept I can’t have it, and instead buy it for the person with a birthday. It seems to work quite well. So a few weeks back I was in Urban Outfitters (my ultimate shop of temptation) looking for a gift for my friend Rachel, when I came across the shop’s new nail varnish range, which now includes the colour of the moment: greige (gray/beige) or taupe if you’d prefer to use its real name. I’d been wanting to try out this shade for ages, but hadn’t come across a version I liked, other than at Chanel (which at £16.50 a pop isn’t very fitting with my new budget), so with this pot’s price tag of £6, out went my original plan and now Rach and I both have greige nails.

    UO Nail Polish - the lovely new range for £6 a pot

    (Photo credit: www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk)
  • As for eyeliner, well that really is essential and I won’t have anyone argue otherwise. I’m fed up of buying cheap eyeliner that needs constant re-application so this time I’ve gone for the £13.50 MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack. It goes on really easily, doesn’t need sharpening and if the sales assistant is to be believed will stay put even after a vigorous game of netball (I’ll soon find out!).

So Sunday’s confession time is up. All I can do now is promise to be much better next week. Although, just to add to the pressure I’ve got a trip to Milan to negotiate on Wednesday. I guess I’m going to have to keep my mind on the job (going to see a book printers – glam!) and not get distracted by the shops!


Fancy dress for less

26 Oct

First up, a quick apology for the long delay between my posts. My excuse: a severely temperamental  internet connection that has resulted in several major attacks of rage, worsened by the baffling computer speak I’ve been wading through on trouble shooting forums. Today, I finally accepted assistance from a MAN and despite him not being able to find the root of the problem or therefore a solution, things now seem to be working.  Nonsensical.

So, I thought I’d make the most of the (probably temporary) breakthrough and get a post up, which is already rather out of date. A few weekends ago, I received an invite to a 1920s-themed 30th birthday do. Now, I do love a good fancy dress party (they always seem to be the most drunken affairs) but the actual process of putting together an outfit is one I find quite stressful. I put this down to two reasons:

  1. The first is a rather traumatic experience I had as a child. Aged about five,  my parents took great joy in dressing me up as Oliver Twist for a school friend’s fancy dress bash. I seem to remember it was quite a good outfit: muddied cheeks, a flat cap, ripped shirt etc, but when I arrived at the party, all the other little girls had come as princesses and fairies (not quite sure how Oliver fitted in with the theme?). The result: lots of tears, a temper tantrum and a flat-out refusal to go inside.
  2. The other factor is the cost. Whenever I’m presented with a legitimate reason to go shopping I tend to get a bit carried away. You start off with good intentions, raiding the charity shops and trekking up to Camden market to seek out a bargain, but somehow end up in a panic on the day of the party shelling out £30 for a pair of shiny lycra leggings from American Apparel in a colour you’ll never wear again (a putrid blue, if you’re wondering) because your outfit (retro ski-wear in this particular instance) just won’t work without them.

So you’ll understand, that sorting out a 1920s outfit, while trying not to shop is something of a challenge.  I had a good idea of what I wanted to look like (think Kate Moss in that lovely jewel-encrusted, nude dress – yes, wishful thinking!), and a definite option in mind that would do quite nicely (1920’s fringing seems to be a look that’s in at the moment) but no such budget.

Ideal Fancy Dress Fix: Tiered Fringe Dress, Rare at Topshop - £45

(photo credit: www.topshop.com)

The solution:

Beg, borrow…and do what any right-minded lady should if they find themselves with any kind of a clothing dilemma: visit Primark.

The outcome:

  • One pair of long black gloves, a black feather and an accompanying head band loaned by a generous Miss Smith
  • One long pearl necklace retrieved from my ever-expanding fancy dress box
  • One £5 drop-waist dress (thankfully, the 1920s style drop waist was one of this summer’s trends, so it was in the sale) purchased after a stressful dash around Primark, Oxford Street on a Friday night, which required nerves of steel, an aggressive elbows-out stance and a glass of wine lined up for after.

And, here we have the flapper girls, ready to go to the party:

Trying out twenties style on the cheap, with Alana and Charley


A good place to start

7 Oct

Hello, and welcome to the first Consumer Cravings blog post. I’m going to start at the most logical place—the beginning—with an explanation of why this blog came about and how it is going to solve all of my shopaholic tendencies. So here goes:

There are two clear signs that summer has been well and truly relegated to the memory bank. These are:

  1. An umbrella has become an essential everyday item (if you also have a wayward fringe you’ll understand the necessity).
  2. Seasonal Addiction Disorder has set in. The symptoms:  a) Morning anxiety about the lack of suitable clothes to put on despite possessing a bulging wardrobe and having coped perfectly well last autumn. b) A combined sense of glee and panic created by all the new autumnal clothes filling the shops and magazines (glee due to the greatness of the goodies and panic for the purse).

Last weekend during a flat tidy up, it came to my attention that these autumnal signs are actually problems that need resolutions.

Problem 1: Over the summer, during a period of reduced use, my three umbrellas (functional & black, handbag sized & patterned, and elegant & long) appear to have formed a union, gone on strike and then abandoned me for a more loving employer, leaving me umbrella-less and curly fringed. Thankfully,  the conundrum has been cleared up with a trip to H & M, where I picked up a cheeky £5.99 leopard print number.

Problem 2: S.A.D, is less simple to solve. I am a girl who loves to shop, but the arrival of this season’s gorgeous collections (think sheepskin and leather, camel and greys, pretty blouses and masculine brogues) has left me all in a tizzy. Why? My bank balance and my wardrobe aren’t big enough to cope with the onslaught of new purchases. So, on Saturday, with the assistance of my Mum (who I might add, loves tidying and was not forced to help) I managed to fill four big black bin liners with unwanted clothes and shoes to be shipped off to the charity shop she works in. Great I thought,  room for a few new choice items. My Mum however had other ideas. “Don’t think that the purpose of this clear out is so you can buy new things. You can’t afford it,” she said.  Unfortunately, she has a point, and that is where the idea for this blog came from.

Shopping and I are trying out a temporary ceasefire (aside from buying the odd “essential”* item of course). Instead, I am going to document all the unnecessary, but oh so delightful things I am craving, in the hope that writing about them will give me the same buzz I would have got from actually buying them. This extends to clothes and stuff for my flat. It’s wishful thinking, but worth a try. At the very least it’ll give me lots of items for my Christmas list.

So first up on my autumnal clothes wish list, that are not to be bought, we have:

  1. Mannish brogues or boots because they go with everything from skinny jeans to ladylike dresses, and last year’s shoe collection just isn’t doing it for me anymore
  2. A shearling aviator waistcoat or leather jacket, crucial to take me through that tricky in-betweeny phase when it’s chilly, but not quite wintry enough for my cape to come out

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(photo credits: www.topshop.com and www.office.co.uk)

*Disclaimer:  The definition of “essential”  is open to the author’s interpretation and may well be expanded in the coming months as the ceasefire runs into difficulties.