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No such thing as a free lunch

14 Oct

I’m one week in to my ‘no shopping’ challenge and I think I might have found the secret to my ongoing success: bringing lunch from home. Ok so it’s not rocket science and I think my colleagues might have already twigged, but after a few days of eating boring old soup and homemade sandwiches (no offence Steve, my wonderful boyfriend who makes them for me), it has dawned on me that by avoiding Covent Garden and its enticing array of shops I have been keeping a few extra pounds in my bank and losing a few from my waistline (that second bit is just wishful thinking).

Boring £-saving sandwich (not representative of Steve's efforts).

This groundbreaking theory was confirmed yesterday, when Steve failed to make my lunch in the morning, having been ‘forced’ by his friends to stay out in the casino until 4am the night before. As such, I had to venture to M&S for my back up roast beef & horseradish sandwich (Charley that’s for you) and cheese tasters (Sal that’s for you). I just so happened to wander past a rather bulging sale rail (I’m such a liar as the food is downstairs and the clothes are upstairs) when out jumped a cute little black jacket, down from £39.50 to a mere £19. I tried to resist, but began thinking about all the outfits it would go with, and how great it would be for both work and nights out. Justification complete, off I trotted to the till. But, disaster struck; I’d left my wallet on my desk at work. There was no way I was losing the jacket now, but the mean shop assistant refused to hold it for me, mumbling incoherently about the shop’s policy for sale goods. She then tried to take it out of my hands (probably to have for herself) so I did what anyone else would do: panicked and ran out the shop with jacket in tow. Joke! Actually, in a much more dignified fashion I grabbed it off her, walked briskly to the corner of the shop and stuffed it at the back of a rail of really ugly tops, before sprinting back to the office to get my wallet.

I know this is becoming one of those long rambling stories that my family loves but no-one else does, but bear with me, it gets good! You’ll be relieved to hear that on my return to the shop the goods were where I had left them, so I jubilantly made my way back to the till, proud of my quick-thinking and happy to see a different lady serving. And now for the best bit. As she rang the jacket through, £12 popped up on the register. Awesome I thought, it’s even more of a bargain. But, wait, she wasn’t finished yet. She then typed in some code, and down the price went to £3. Result! Must-keep-straight-face-and-not-look-surprised-at-major-mistake/deal-of-the-century. Turns out my jacket was cheaper than my sandwich.

And here it is: the super-soft, day and night, waterfall-style jacket, that went very well with my work outfit today.

Posing in my £3 purchase: this kind of shopping is allowed right?

So the moral of the story: bringing lunch from home is bad; shopping at lunchtime is good. Ah, not quite what I had in mind for this post.