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On the straight and narrow

11 Oct
So I’m only on my second post, and aleady my new mantra to spend less has been severely challenged. Worringly weak I know, but what is a straight hair-obsessed girl to do when her ghds malfunction on a Monday morning. After five long and happy years, my loyal straighteners gave me a shock (literally) when sparks started shooting out of their base. My first instinct was to immediately order some new ones as I’m pretty sure the shaggy dog look isn’t coming into fashion anytime soon.

Me minus ghds (photo credit: Zach Flanders)

However, the £100 price tag made me have a re-think. Instead I decided to embrace my blog challenge and brave a ghd repair service. On Tuesday, I nervously shipped my favourite beauty aids off into the abyss, and prepared myself for their disappearance. But, three days later, just like magic they arrived in my pigeon hole at work, fixed with a new plug and cable, freshly polished plates and free heat matt. And all for just £19.95.

It turns out, frugality is pretty pleasing. Well, unless someone else is paying, of course. If that was the case, then I’d go for an even pricier breed of straightener: the Cloud Nine, costing £129.95. Created by the original founders of  the ghd, they offer adjustable temperature control to reduce damage, and apparently “a secret ingredient that adds shine and sparkle to the hair every time they’re used.” Sounds good Santa, don’t you think?

Cloud Nine Styling Iron (photo credit: http://www.cloudninehair.com)